Don’t Worry About Pat Flynn

Sometimes I wander over to Pat’s site – Smart Passive Income.

That Income Report tracker in the top right corner stares back at me.

That is NOT how much Pat made in a year.

That’s how much Pat made in DECEMBER 2017.

One month of net profit.

*mouth drops to the floor*

Some people get motivated by these huge numbers.

It deflates me, to be honest.

I feel overwhelmed. I feel jealous. I feel it’s “too late”. I feel like he’s claimed all the gold on the mountain and there isn’t any left in the gold rush for someone like me.

It doesn’t help when I look around at his website.

It’s gorgeous.

The copy is perfect.

I wonder what theme he’s using and then laugh at myself – this was a custom design that probably cost a fortune.

Speaking if fortunes – let’s look at Pat’s monthly expenses:

Almost $40,000 a month in expenses.

This guy is running a full-on business.

He’s got a team of people making SPI happen.

“I can’t do this.”

That’s what I say to myself when I see Pat’s site.

It’s too much.

I don’t have the skill he has.

I don’t have the time he has.

I don’t have the team he has.

I don’t have the connections he has.

Why bother?

Then I remember – I don’t need to be Pat Flynn

This is my business.

I want to do this as a side-business (for now) which means I’m going to have to go slower and be ok with making money that comes more slowly.

I don’t want a team. I want to work alone on my website for now. I don’t want partners or investors or weekly team meetings. I just want to learn, apply, tweak and cash some checks.

I can do this my way.

There are people that will love the way Pat Flynn teaches and there will be people that only I can reach.

I can help people too (and make income while doing it).

That’s the beauty of the internet.

It’s a big pond.

And I’m ok being a little fish.

Even if I catch glimpse of a giant creature like Pat Flynn in the waters, I know I belong here too.

And so do you.

There’s room in here for all of us.

So don’t worry about Pat Flynn.

Just do your thing. Help your people. And don’t forget to add your affiliate links.

Rinse and repeat.


– Ryan

P.S. I am really grateful to Pat for showing me the value of video with affiliate marketing. I reverse engineered his “How to Start a Blog in Less than 4 Minutes” video and made my own video tutorials that have made me over $500/mo for the last 6 years – consistently. Notice how BAD that video is? I mean – it’s from 2009 – but still. It does show that Pat wasn’t born an online god. He wasn’t that great at the beginning too. He has just put in more time to improve then I have. 🙂

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